JLP COVID Policy Update

The JLP’s Reopening Policy states that for all events at Headquarters or offsite, we follow the most conservative of recommendations from the CDC or guidelines from federal, state or local governments. With events offsite, in addition to the foregoing, we also abide by any specific guidelines put in place by the venue or partner where we are convening. Given that our Headquarters is in Montgomery County and many League events occur in other counties with differing restrictions, we understand that this portion of the policy can cause some confusion.

In accordance with the updated mask guidance issued by the CDC on February 25, 2022, indoor masking in Montgomery County is no longer required. As a result, the JLP will not be requiring masks indoors at our Headquarters or any League event planned in an area where masking is not required unless or until the applicable guidelines are changed. At present, Philadelphia County still has an indoor mask mandate, and certain venues or partners may have their own specific mask or vaccine requirements.

Please know that JLP members may make their own decisions about wearing masks at JLP events. Anyone who wishes to continue to wear a mask will be fully supported in that decision. We expect all members of our League to respect those individual choices.