Each year, we hold our Annual Meeting to conduct the most important business of our organization. The Board of Directors, based on recommendations from the Project Advisory Committee, proposes the community work in which we will engage and the fundraisers we will conduct to support our mission. If needed, the Board proposes the adoption of, or amendment to, significant programs and/or policies. After Annual Meeting, members vote electronically on the motions presented.
This year’s Annual Meeting will take place on April 15 at the Warwick Hotel in Center City. The Placement Fair and Cocktail Hour begins at 6 p.m. with the Annual Meeting following at 7 p.m. All New Members, Actives, Transfers, and Sustainers are welcome. This event counts as an Annual Meeting credit to those in attendance.

Members are required to review the Voting Packet prior to the event. Please see you email for more details.

Additionally, we will also be collecting food items at Annual Meeting to support the Garden of Health Food Drive. See the JLP calendar for more information on the specific items needed.  

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at Annual Meeting!